Technologically Imprisoned

by Ethan Langson

Technologically Imprisoned is a project that is influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project looks at the COVID-19 virus as an impetus that has not only been an eye-opener but questions our use of technology in the contemporary world. In 2020 the severity of the COVID-19 virus led to a global lockdown. You had to stay inside, there was no other choice. No friends, no gatherings; we had to avoid each other to survive. Technology made everything that suddenly seemed impossible, possible. Technologically Imprisoned looks at the moments after the sudden impossible, giving viewers an inside into my life as the artist through an interactive experience. Technologically Imprisoned also aims to give viewers insight into what the future might be like if technology were to continue growing as rapidly as it has in the past year and a bit due to the increased demand we have put on technology. It demonstrates how in my opinion technology has become the ‘answer’ and replaced our ‘pre-COVID’ lives. We have become prisoners of technology, living online lives that come with designated life routines that keep us circling this virtual prison.

For optimum resolution and interactive experience,
this project is best viewed on a Computer.