Tasmin Randall

Mundane Marcadia: The Illusion of Choice.

by Tasmin Randall

Welcome to Marcardia, which looks a lot like a small Eastern Cape town of a similar name, nothing like a pastoral Greek Province, and only a bit like the 1980s.

Join in the mundanity of choices provided by an international lock-down while we go round and round in circles in a suburban home. Immerse yourself in the lack of surety provided by presidential speeches, which had us PINNED to our seats for a brief moment. Fight your way to the corner store for supplies. Zoom off for essentials to ditch the feeling of confinement. Engage with a flawed virtual realm that reflects the dysfunctionality we call 2020, a year in which we all felt the cards were stacked against us. Marcardia is just Pac-ed with the illusion of choice.

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