Uit die duisternis

by Julius de Klerk

En die lig skyn in die duisternis, en die duisternis kon dit nie uitdoof nie. – Johannes 1:5 

We all have our own light and darkness, things that give us joy, strength, pleasure, peace, purpose, and hope; things that bring us doubt, fear, worry, anger, jealousy, sadness, and suffering. Life is a constant contrast and balance between light and darkness, yet one cannot exist without the other, nor indeed should one dominate the other. For some, spending time with friends and family is a form of light that brings purpose to their life. Others achieve fulfilment in their profession, experience joy doing physical exercise, or find pleasure in materialistic possessions. Certain forms of light are temporary and unsustainable, and may become an addiction to trivial and earthly things that are sometimes destructive as a means of countering their pain. The biggest source of light in my life is my relationship with my Lord, being aware of His love, mercy, and patience, knowing that He has and will always be there for me even during the darkest of times throughout my life. Another form of light is my expression through art. This exhibition is a reflection of both.

Uit die duisternis is an autobiographic exploration of a young artist that attempts to achieve a lifelong dream of drawing a graphic novel based in a science-fictional universe, centred on the theme of light vs darkness. But something goes wrong, and in spite of his time and efforts, he realizes that his aspiration is not going to materialise like he initially envisaged. His personal narrative and struggle to come to terms with the realities of this situation and to let go of his dream, becomes symbolic of the darkness that resides within him. He eventually realises that sometimes when it comes to the things that you deeply desire, you must learn to let go in order to grow. The moment he accepted this, he stepped into the light and out of the darkness. 

Even though the artist still falters and doubts, he realises now looking deep within himself, that there is indeed a light that guides his path. Fear and pain need not burden him anymore, for he knows he is protected. By changing his old ways of thinking, and accepting that he can’t rely on his own strength alone, he starts to put his faith in a new unwavering source of light that can never die. Through the struggle he has learnt to let go, to trust in the Lord with all his heart as He is a light that can never be extinguished – unlike a lantern. For where there is light the darkness will never prevail.