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Graduate Showcase 2022


As we, the class of 2022, approach the end of our Bachelor of Fine Art degree, it is bittersweet to say the least. After four years of sleepless nights spent in and out of the studio, a global pandemic as well as personal and academic challenges, we are able to proudly stand together and utter the following phrase, “we made it”. 

As a class and as individuals, we are not only grateful but fortunate to be gifted with the opportunity to present our artwork in front of family, art practitioners and friends. It truly has been a moment that we have patiently awaited. 

The exhibitions presented to you are inclusive of a variety of media and themes: coloured identity, violence against womxn, societal issues within South Africa, family politics, heritage, illness, religion, isolation and race. Each space within the Monument has been explicitly chosen by the students to present these themes and provide a holistic experience to our audience.

As emerging artists, we trust that you, as the viewer, walk into the space with an open mind and engage freely with the artworks on display. 

With love and gratitude, 

The Graduate Class of 2022

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Graduate Class of 2022

Mivuyo Dalasile

Kate Duke

Jascy-Leigh Edom

Anneri Erasmus

Emily Lacon-Allin

Caryn Le Kay

Muyon Mafulu

Chanté Mommsen

Leroy Payne

Daniel Retief

Wande Titi


School Terms

by Mivuyo Dalasile


by Kate Duke

Family tea

by Jascy-Leigh Edom

Welcome Home

by Anneri Erasmus

Transpersonal Labyrinth

by Emily Lacon-Allin

(Un) clothed

by Caryn Le Kay

Kroes Hare (4c)

by Muyon Mafulu

Arise ye, and depart

by Chanté Mommsen

(de)constructing (in)access

by Leroy Payne


by Daniel Retief



by Wande Titi



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