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Graduate Showcase 2023


Over the span of four years, the Class of 2023 have navigated the intricate path of a Fine Arts degree, marked by unique challenges and unprecedented triumphs. Notably, we proudly bear the distinction of being the inaugural first-year class to confront the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. The backdrop of a global pandemic transformed our academic voyage into a test of resilience, creativity, and determination. Through virtual classrooms and social distancing measures, we’ve not only persevered but thrived, creating art that mirrors our personal and collective growth.

With each brushstroke, print, photograph and digital composition, we have channelled our experiences into creating art that we feel strongly about. With themes such as the gender roles of Nguni women, faith through light and darkness, surveillance, memory, tensions with technology, queer love, the visibility of women within the ZCC and the pressures of societal expectations.

The Class of 2023 invites you to immerse yourself in the culmination of this year’s hard work into an evening we have eagerly been anticipating. We invite you to explore the intricate stories, emotions, and meanings behind each student’s exhibition with an open mind.

Together with gratitude,

The Class of 2023.

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Graduate Class of 2023

Nqoba Boyi

Julius De Klerk


Kyndal Koen

Yolo Mantiyane

Nosipho Mantshongo

Zena Mbanxa

Manqoba Sphiwe Thwala

Tsakane Vilakazi


I am who you say I am, until I am not

by Nqoba Boyi

Uit die duisternis

by Julius De Klerk

memory-making / making memory

by Kyndal Koen

Ukusinda: Imisbenzi yoMama

by Yolo Mantiyane


by Nosipho Mantshongo

The Witness

by Zena Mbanxa

Welcome to The Glitch

by Sphiwe Thwala

Love Unveiled

by Tsakane Vilakazi


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