23 Sphiwe Thwala

Welcome to The Glitch

by Manqoba Sphiwe Thwala

In this exhibition, I invite you to delve into a world where art and technology collide, giving birth to a captivating exploration of the glitch. Inspired by the enigmatic allure of glitch art, with its realms of disruption and distortion, I seek to unveil the hidden beauty within chaos.

Glitch art, at its core, is an art form born from the unexpected errors and deviations of technology. It is a testament to how the once disruptive and cumbersome nature of modern technology has evolved over time. Where once it hindered our lives, now we find ourselves at the mercy of its absence. Power outages, signal loss, or limited access to our devices have become disruptions in our daily routines, highlighting our increasing dependence on technology.

This exhibition is a reflection on our complex relationship with technology: how artificial intelligence is silently weaving itself into the fabric of our existence, subtly taking over various aspects of our lives. The very essence of our humanity seems to be merging with the cold, calculated precision of machines. By creating an intimate and immersive installation, I invite the audience to become an integral part of the art, disrupting the system in their own unique ways. The glitch, in all its unpredictable forms, serves as a metaphor for the intricate dance between humanity and technology. As you explore this exhibition, I ask you to reflect on our ever-evolving relationship with the digital world and how we become the glitch, not as a flaw, but as an intricate thread in the tapestry of our digital existence, woven into (or choosing to disrupt through our own humanity), the complexities of our dependence on technology and the relentless march of artificial intelligence which seductively seeks to gloss over our own individuality.