Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett
Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett


By Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Wellfire aspires to stylishly protect your Wellbeing with the wrath of Hellfire…

In these uncertain times isn’t it reassuring to know that you can rely on the tried and tested design of WellFire (TM) plague masks? We offer custom made fashion wear that bring you safety and peace of mind from all those pesky concerns: whether they be contracting nasty diseases, or hiding your blotchy face because you have been scoffing too many snacks during lock-down.

Through the classic design first developed in the 1500s you can now walk around with confidence. Let our tested and proven methods help you through these untested times.

*herbal snout posies not included.

Our Product Line

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Girls Night Out

A beautiful red dress has transformed into a recycled Red and Black mask, making heads turn and diseases flee. This Red and Black mask is accompanied by a trendy red dress and ying-yang jewellery.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Working Girl

When the rules change at work, we should be changing with it. The new uniform forces us to match our mask with our work shirt, so why not use the work shirt as our mask?

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

White Hearts

Pink and white mask, with a cute pink cotton finish inside. Order now while stocks last.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Pink Fluffy Unicorn

Beautiful Pink and White Mask, made out of a fluffy exterior and a cute pink and white heart cotton interior.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Astronaut Catching Asteroids

This distinguished black and white mask comes with fun filled adventures of astronauts catching asteroids while fighting off the airborne disease.


Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Thursday Printed T-shirt

This work shirt has transformed into a rocking orange and black mask. Taking printed T’s to the next level.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

Gender Reveal

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? This teddy-bear design is reversible: with a baby blue exterior and a baby pink interior. Both cotton sides make this safe for sensitive skin and will be a treat at any gender conforming festivities.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

#Believe in your #Selfie

Pink and black Mask with a matching interior and a matching shirt. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle is the motto. And always believe in your #selfie.

Check Out Our Customer Reviews:


I bought one of the WellFire masks a while ago, because I don’t like the normal supermarket masks. It really is easier to breath and the pretty patterns match up with my normal clothes. I don’t like that the masks are being associated with satanists, why do they have to use ‘Hellfire’ to help our ‘Wellbeing’?


I love the beak, there’s enough space to hide booze and skyfs!

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

I asked the girl modelling the masks online if I can have a different material pattern, and she helped me out. I found her on Instagram and was hesitant to buy a mask because I don’t wear colourful clothes. But after having a chat with her, she agreed to use a darker material. 100%would recommend.


I love how people get scared of me and cross the street rather than walk past me on my way to work when I wear my WellFire. The mask hides my entire face, so it helps with my social anxiety. The powers of ‘Hellfire’ protect me and keeps people far enough to sustain my ‘Wellbeing’.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

My grandfather fell terribly ill when the COVID-19 lockdown started. I wanted to buy him something special to say, ‘Get well soon’. The WellFire mask made him giggle and gave him hope, he is really into historical humour. (He’s fine by the way, it was just the flu)


I needed to buy matching masks for my work shirts as a new policy was instated at work. I don’t have too much spending money, so I decided to make matching masks from my work shirts and ended up with enough masks to reach the quota. I used the same pattern that WellFire uses and it’s super comfortable. Now I work for the company and couldn’t be happier. I definitely recommend this mask.


The cotton feels really nice on my skin and doesn’t give me rashes like other face masks


My head is a bit bigger than the standard, but the WellFire masks have nice satin ribbons that makes them fit any size. I also like that my glasses don’t fog up when I put them over my mask.

Chrizelda Garnett-Bennett

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