TO DIE FOR Fareedah Bhagoo



by Fareedah Bhagoo

The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world and is still projected to grow. However, the environmental and occupational hazards that form the backbone of this value chain are blatantly ignored.

Clothing overconsumption is on the rise around the globe, with over 100 billion garments produced annually. The average garment is worn just seven times before being thrown away, generating mass amounts of waste. Every second of the day worldwide, one garbage truck of clothing is dumped in landfill sites, having adverse effects on the environment. People from countries on the lower end of the development spectrum bear the negative environmental impact posed by fast fashion then.

With the constant need for more, our excessive consumption has become a threat to the planet and its inhabitants. The bombardment by fashion labels to stay relevant, with renewed styles and trends after every season has lured consumers into consuming what they do not need. Fast fashion is the new plastic, and through every purchase, we support oppressive regimes that exploit entities deemed less powerful.

This exhibition invites viewers to look beyond the glam and glitz of fashion by highlighting the devastating impact the fast fashion industry has on the environment, thus, questioning the continuous feeding of the fast fashion industry through mindless consumption. Blinded by our greed, the title To Die For? reflects our consumerist behaviors, urging viewers to rethink how our spending habits cost the earth.