OASIS Simphiwe Bala



by Simphiwe Bala

Sanctuary in a barren wasteland; our immediate company is where we seek refuge within a desolate society. 

Identifying oneself within a system in flux has been the toughest of challenges we’ve had to face within the past two years. These tough settings have forced us to question who we are and where we reside in such a society. This moment of self-reflection and accountability has resulted in my attempt to transcend my own mould; my own complacencies, ignorance, and the comfort zone I reside in. In acknowledging that one is a product of society, the spaces we populate, we realise that these spaces are never meant to be a permanent residence but rather a stepping point where one acknowledges all that has come to pass and identifying conducive means of proceeding on this walk. With that said, it also means traversing a terrain of imposed profiling, being able to reason for yourself rather than conforming to others’ ideas of what you should be. Such thoughts have necessitated the securing of a space or group of people where our thoughts reside along with our true selves. Such spaces are never the same; everyone’s idea of such a space is bound to be different but the motivations for creating such spaces are always the same. Finding yourself in such spaces is one of the most human characteristics I have observed, especially in these past two years. We all experience our fair share of challenges in life and retaining one’s integrity in the face of such is by far one of the biggest challenges. In the moments where my mental fortitude has slipped from my grasp, these conceptualized spaces have proven their own worth where I could not.