Bathed In Grace Sivan Erlendsson

Bathed in Grace

by Sivan Erlendsson


And I want for you to weep, 

the way I wept, 

when I first felt The Mothers grace.


This work unfolds as I unfold with it. It is about so much for me, so much that is interconnected. It is bound by the feminine in a way which acknowledges, without the need to transcend, the corporeal. It is about nostalgia, cycles, the womb, the tides, sensuality, the body as both tangible and intangible, incomprehensible. It is about the wish to comprehend, predict and feel, make you feel, the body which leaks. It is about my womb, my mother’s womb, her mother’s womb, and her mother’s mother’s womb, it is about the earth as our womb. It is about healing, cleansing, and protecting. I feel as though intuitive art is a conversation with the subconscious, I couldn’t explain why these performances deeply affect me, but they do. The same way I cannot tell you why what happened to me in my dreams last night, and the night before last, left me feeling so wounded, so violated, but it did. 

I believe that sometimes we give name/meaning to things simply because we cannot bear their weight alone. So here is a body, my body (of work) which has taken so much, to take up and make space-without for the things that linger within. I hope it holds a space for you in grace to find the things you didn’t know were lost, that you have been mourning all this time. Allow yourself to be held in this land of milk, honey and blood, my rebirth within The Mothers grace.